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Meet Kim


A Bit About Me

Kim Mills is a mother, wife, and small business owner and she knows the needs of our community are not being met. That is why Kim made the decision to run for the House of Delegates. State redistricting created a new district- 33A in Anne Arundel County. And a new district needs a new leader to take initiative to fight for a community that’s been ill-represented.




After her time in law enforcement, Kim went on to become a Realtor, which she has now been doing for close to three decades. She served as the President of the Realtors Association in 2017, served as the director of the Anne Arundel County Board of Realtors for eight years, was a director on the Maryland Realtors Board, is currently serving as the President of the Women’s Council of Realtors for Anne Arundel Network. She is a graduate of Maryland Realtors Leadership Academy. This expertise lends itself to her ability to find common ground, work together for the cause and find the best solutions to move issues forward.


When she isn’t selling homes and welcoming new faces to our neighborhoods, she enjoys being active in the community. For years she was a Girl Scout Troop leader, starting as a Daisy Troop leader and remaining a leader and mentor for Troop 4036 as they navigated elementary, middle, and high school. She has volunteered at and supported the Anne Arundel County Food Bank, Toys for Tots, and has mentored and volunteered at Crofton Middle School and Arundel High School.


Kim knows many constituents in our district face struggles. They are worried about their children’s education, job security, and having enough money to make ends meet. Small business owners are being regulated out of business and people are tired of elected officials changing Covid-19 policies whenever they see fit. People want their streets and neighborhoods to be safe again and retirees want to stay in Maryland.


Kim Mills is dedicated to listening to the needs of the community and is focused on doing what is best for the people she cares about the most, the people of District 33A. Her priorities are improving the quality of the life for residents by making it more affordable for seniors to stay in Maryland, supporting our law enforcement, providing more incentives for people to become homeowners, and making sure children are receiving an education that is focused on reading, writing, and math— getting back to the basics. Kim will fight to reduce taxes for hard working families and work to reduce traffic on the district’s main roads.


Kim fights for her clients every day. She doesn’t back down. She doesn’t get intimidated. She stands strong in what she knows will best meet the needs of whoever she is representing. Kim Mills will make the difference in our community— but only if she has a seat at the table. Help Kim Mills to better our community by joining the campaign to Win With Kim in November.

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Kim was born and raised in Anne Arundel County; she raised her first two children as a single mother in Gambrills, before settling down with her family in Odenton where she has lived for over 20 years.


Kim’s experience as a single mother means she understands the challenges many people in the area may face regarding childcare, housing, job security, and the quality of public education.


She worked for nearly ten years for the Anne Arundel County Police Department as a booking officer and takes pride in her work in law enforcement. She understands the intricacies of what it means to be in law enforcement- how to adequately address the needs that officers have, to keep our communities safe.



The Issues

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